3 Super-Simple, Shrewd Questions -- to Finish Strong


When was the last time you engaged in a project or event that was pure 'joy-fuel'?

I remember one time sitting down to write. It seemed like just a few minutes later, I was feeling a bit stiff... and hungry. Over 6 hours had passed! Being so deeply engrossed had transported me. I was in the zone, as they say.

Sometimes though, I start strong but finish weak. I just want to 'get it done' and 'get it over with'. Can you relate? I bet you can. We begin to lose momentum. That initial passion that made us unstoppable starts to wean as the relentless hard work sets in. 

Other times, the finish is solid. But, we're quickly off and running, onto the next thing. We finish... but do we really gain the strength we could?


3 Super-Simple, Shrewd Questions -- to finish strong every time

There are 3 core questions we can ask any time we come to the "end" of something. They help us finish strong -- consistently. They're a bit like a three-fold master key: unlocking potential while achieving closure.

They apply to any kind of "finish line". A project. A year. A chapter in life. They facilitate wiping the slate clean, so you're ready for what's next.

1. Power of Gratitude

First question: What and who am I grateful for?

Think about all the aspects for which you are grateful. All the 'whats', and especially 'who'. Appreciate everyone and everything that was part of your journey.

Be grateful even for those people or events that, at the time, seemed in the way or thwarted your progress. You'll likely find that such challenges made you stronger. Wiser. Likely, a bit more capable in some way.

Acknowledge how the challenge served you and be grateful for that.

While you're at it, don't just think about gratitude. Act on it. Show your appreciation in whatever way makes sense and feels terrific. It's a great way to make it memorable, to deepen the experience and to really 'feel' the gratitude.

Gratitude. It's fuel for the heart. Tweet:  


2. Value of Learning

Second question: What did I learn?

Think about how you've grown. Whatever it is that you are finishing up, reflect for a moment on how it has shaped and informed your actions. In what ways are you wiser? More skilled? Better?

What strengths did you tap into and how have you deepened, expanded or leveraged them?

You know how athletes track their performance? Well, do that. Keep track.

Learning. It's value for your mind and psyche. Tweet:

At this point, it's pretty normal for us to start jumping ahead. We begin to think about our next 'thing'. Look forward to our next or newest project, challenge or opportunity. 

There's one more question, though. It's third in the set of 3 super-simple, shrewd questions -- to finish strong. Before you think about what's next -- which is very natural -- let's create space.


3. Freedom of Choice

Third question: What's on my 'NOT-to-do' list?

Consider this. What would make your life better if you stopped doing it?

What would be freeing for you to stop, drop, or let go of in some way?

It could be a contribution or commitment of time, energy, money or other resource. An investment that no longer serves? Maybe something that must be continued, but better achieved if reassigned or meaningfully delegated.

The question is, in what ways can you become 'more' by doing something less? 

Choice. It's freedom for your spirit. Tweet:

A full heart, clear and engaged mind, and a clean, free spirit. They're great ways to create meaningful closure. It's a bit like seeing both ends of the spectrum, or 'rainbow' of our accomplishments.

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Your Next, Fresh Start

The 3-fold 'master key' allows you to unlock maximum potential from your experiences. 

The moment you do, you'll probably find your thinking begin to shift. "What's next?" you muse. It's an important question, ripe with possibility. What is your next most inspiring vision of the next best version of yourself? A better you, for a better world?

For many, finishing strong and planning fresh starts go hand in hand. It's a time for renewal, planning and goal-setting. Fresh commitment. New gusto. Enthusiasm.

Go for it!

Create vision. Set meaningful goals.

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