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I've always admired people who were fearless. You know? A certain, almost 'fierce' demeanour. That willingness "to boldly go...". 

But, I've never really been one of them. Fearless, I mean.

As far back as I can remember, I've been prone to anxiety and worry. That cold sweat, clammy hands, shallow breathing, knot-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach kind of apprehension.

It's made life hard at times.

But, maybe, it's fortunate that I've never been 'fearless'.

It's made me develop what I like to call the 3 attitudinal competencies of solid leadership. Not attitudes, as something kind of static: qualities you either have, or don't. 

No. Instead, they're 'attitudinal competencies'. Attitudes you have to keep working at, to develop skill in their application.

I call them Audacity. Legacy. Synergy.

Audacity. A bold willingness to show up. To take action. To be authentic and real. To be shaking in your boots, and step up anyway. To lead.Tweet: Audacity. A bold willingness to show up. To take action. To be authentic and real. To be shaking in your boots, and step up anyway. To lead. That's #BRAVE #Leadership https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/everyday-brave @JaniceKobelskyclick to tweet

Legacy. To live and lead 'on purpose'. That is, to be present, mindful and intentional about the legacy effect you leave behind -- like the wake of a boat. And, even more so, to choose and deliberately strive to create the ripple effect you pay forward. To make an impact that matters -- to you, for others, in the world.Tweet: Legacy. Be present, mindful and intentional about the legacy effect you leave behind as well as the ripple effect you pay forward. Make an impact that matters -- to you, for others, in the world. #YouMatter #BRAVE #Leadership https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/everyday-brave @JaniceKobelskyclick to tweet

Synergy. To make a difference. To be 'more together' than you would be individually. To make your coming together with others -- your leadership -- matter. It's sometimes said this way: "To make something happen that wasn't going to happen anyway." Collaboration, creativity and connection at their finest.Tweet: Synergy. #MakeADifference. Be 'more together' than you would be individually. Make your coming together with others -- your #leadership -- matter. Collaboration and connection at their finest. https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/everyday-brave @JaniceKobelsky
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Underpinning these 3 competencies? I used to think of it as courage. From the French root, "coeur": meaning heart. It's a willingness to act in spite of fear. My Dale Carnegie colleagues and I used to put it like this: "throw your heart over the bar and the rest of you will follow."

Lately though I discovered that even courage does not do justice to what it really takes to not be fearless, yet lead well anyway. To be someone others trust. Someone worthy of following.

Indeed. It takes something more and different, to energize your own potential (and the potential of those who follow your lead), for effective and meaningful contribution. Even when you're not feeling courageous. Especially when you're not.

It's a more universal access to good leadership. A way to connect people to the best of who they are. That includes you. 

It's what Kimberly Davis calls BRAVE LEADERSHIP

It's what Kimberly does. She "connects people to the best of who they are." It's her 'super objective'. So her book gets you to think. Then think not only about what you think, but about how you think too. And, your actions, as a result.

It's about choices. Being real. Impact. Influence. Contribution. How to get to high performance. Be a leader worth following.

I think of it as everyday BRAVE

In the pre-release of her BRAVE LEADERSHIP book, I wrote a very personal review (below). The notion of BRAVE was hitting very close to home. 

Sometimes life - or death - cause us to rethink BRAVE. Now Is the Time for BRAVE Leadership. Are You Ready?

Kimberly's book is the impetus behind her inspired #BRAVEMovement. She brings to top of mind awareness (and action) how to be our best. Ah yes... Audacity. Legacy. Synergy.

It's what I've focused my entire career on building in myself and others. I've just never thought of it as BRAVE. Everyday BRAVE. Until reading Kimberly's book a couple of years ago.

So, I created a 'cheat sheet' for myself. My personal summary of core thoughts, for everyday BRAVE

I want to share it with you. They're key concepts that we need to be practicing all of the time, really. They're even more important when/if we're choking on fear. They're reminders of our power to be everyday BRAVE. It's good leadership.

Read her book.

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Meet Kimberly Davis and get your copy of her BRAVE LEADERSHIP book: http://www.braveleadershipbook.com/

Enjoy this 1st post I wrote on Kimberly's book. It's a reflection on what it means to be BRAVE.

From me to you:

I have no financial interest in promoting Kimberly's work - or any of the many resources I share liberally on my site. My motto remains, "Your Meaningful Vision, Fulfilled." That means I delight in making a difference. Empowering you to achieve your aspirations and vision for success. I'm all about energizing people, possibilities and potential.

If introducing you to Kimberly's book does that for you -- and for her -- then, mission accomplished! We need more BRAVE Leadership. I hope you will feel inspired to bring forward your best YOU, even more, as a result of our connection.

And, do take a look around my site. Connect with me on social media. I have lots of resources for you to enjoy.

Everyday BRAVE. It's up to you.Tweet: Everyday BRAVE. It's up to you. https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/everyday-brave Be the #leader you've always wanted to be. #BRAVE #Leadership @JaniceKobelsky pic.twitter.com/GUy7o5g96M


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