How to Make Every Day Your Best Ever


Do you find that some days just "sing"? You know... ?

Everything seems to go your way.

People respond well. They're extra collaborative. Engaged. ENERGIZED.

And... so are you! You've got that fire in the belly, can-do kind of attitude.

No matter the challenge, you're able to make things work!

I love days like that!

I also relish being around people who -- more often than not -- are able to create days like that for themselves, and us too.

Then there are those 'other' days... No need to elaborate. You know what they're like. Ugh.

I sometimes wish there was a simple formula. A magic bullet, so to speak. How to make every day your best ever.

I found one! A new connection on Twitter. When I looked at Alex Toma's profile, there it was... Bright and bold, in his profile photo header. The simplicity appealed to me. Bull's eye! Not easy. But so simple. And effective!

It's this...





Brilliant! Powerful too -- IF we actually do it. 

So, let's take a quick look at each point -- as a way to anchor each one. My thoughts, inspiration and discovery for how to make every day your best ever. Triggered by Alex's words...


This is not a passive wake up. It's not about hitting the snooze button three times (or more) either. Not dragging yourself out of bed, half asleep and bleary-eyed, reaching for your java fix.

But it's also not about leaping out of bed each day loudly exclaiming your joy at being alive. Unless you have the super-charged energy of a Tony Robbins! 

Most of us are a bit less, well... gushy.

Instead, this WAKE UP is about making an active choice to wake up to each day as a fresh start. To pause, choose and be selective about our first thoughts... Like what?






THAT's a day worth waking up to!

How to make every day your best ever? WAKE UP. Start your day 'on purpose.' Tweet: Start your day 'on purpose' says @JaniceKobelsky #Motivation #MakeYourOwnLane to tweet

Once you do, your first actions and attitude will then naturally begin to turn outward. 


It's easy to underestimate the power of kindness -- AND the strength, will, care and discipline it takes. Especially in situations or with people who "don't deserve it."

So this step turns that on its head. It's a choice to 'be kind' regardless. It's about having the mental toughness and fortitude to look for ways to make a difference.

Not for any 'reason' other than that's who YOU are. Who you choose to be. How you decide to show up. It reminds me of this beautiful Maya Angelou quote...

Click to Tweet: No act of #kindness is too small. #BeKind It's good #leadership. ~@JaniceKobelsky this image. 

Rainbows are multi-coloured and come in every size and form. So too, your kindness can take on all kinds of dimensions.

If you want to know how to make every day your best ever, BE KIND. To yourself, to others, to our world. Watch the transformation.

And, lest you think this is all about rainbows and unicorns, think again! Because real kindness takes nerve. Daring. Thought. And energy.Tweet: click to tweet It lays the foundation for what's next... 


Too many so-called leaders seem to confuse leadership with being 'the boss'. They mistake power for control and act out with aggression.

KICK ASS does not mean kicking someone else, or even yourself. There's no intelligence in that.

It does mean having the courage, wisdom and grit to tap into the sheer force of strong purpose. Clear vision. Focus. Direction. Alignment. Fulfillment. 

Click to Tweet: Every day is a fresh chance to choose our #attitude! ~@JaniceKobelsky #MakeADifference this image.

It's then taking that determination and putting it into service. Make things happen. Make a difference. Share your talents, add value -- and create more. 

Click to Tweet: #MakeADifference. Share your talents, add value & create more. ~@JaniceKobelsky #Leadership this image.

That's KICK ASS!



Consistency is king. So, it's this last practice that makes for the 'best ever' of every day life and leadership.

Like waking up, repeat is not passive. It's not mindless. Or rote. Because life is never the same. No two days ever repeat, exactly.

So REPEAT means starting over -- again and again. Deliberately.

Fresh starting.



Taking nothing for granted.

Giving your all, if for no other reason than this... It's your life. Make it count.

THAT's how to make every day your best day ever!

So now... how do you get started?

1. Examine your start-of-the-day, morning routine. What's your WAKE UP ritual? Is it setting the tone for your best day ever? Or something less? If it's great, make it better. If it's subpar, start tomorrow to make it work.  A great book to help is: The Miracle Morning by Hal Enrod. Referred to me by: Jared Wiese, who's always finding ways to add value to me and others blessed to be part of his community.

2. Make the practice to BE KIND meaningful, productive and 'real'. As my friend Melissa Hughes, PhD relates in this beautiful video, "be kind because you can." How? Daily, intentional gratitude.


Build your 'kindness' disposition. If you read (and apply) just one book in your life to hone your interpersonal skills, this is it. Dale Carnegie's best-selling classic: How to Win Friends and Influence People. Your touchstone, go-to guide. Read it. Do it. Become it. It's power -- and kindness -- in action.

3. Live and lead 'on purpose'. Get inspired. Get clear. And, get into action. That way, when you KICK ASS, it has meaning, focus, contribution and service backing it up. I highlighted it earlier, and I just did it again... My 'On Purpose' short course, with 5 Powerful Questions that will help you dig deep and get clear.

4. Get consistent. REPEAT. Make success a habit. Here's someone who models these 4 practices -- consistently. He's a favourite and treasured connection: @RockChristopher. If you need a role model to inspire and encourage you, he's your guy. His motto? #ThriveTOGETHER. Follow him and engage every Monday on #SuccessTRAIN. You'll be inspired! And... amazed at the support.

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