Life's Critical Junctures - and your leadership opportunity


Every so often we come across something that's said or done, or something happens, that stops us in our tracks.

You know? One of those unforgettable 'moments of truth.' A nugget of wisdom.  Some 'shape-shifting' circumstance that makes us take pause.


Think, and/or act differently.

Sometimes it's harsh. Life takes a swipe, and just 'lifes us'. Unexpected, deep change. Illness. Job loss. Grief. We are forever altered.

Other times, it's quite gentle. Empowering or inspirational. It can be something simple, yet with profound impact. A special moment. An unforgettable TED talk. The vivid story of a friend or colleague.

Maybe it's that instant when we enjoy or witness a kind act or gesture of goodwill. A random act of caring to remind us that we - all - matter.

Still yet, it could be when we're moved by the power of the pen. We read something that leaves an indelible impression.

A mirror to reflect...

It's like the world holds up a mirror, and we see ourselves more clearly. We reflect on purpose. On the 'why' of things. We search for meaning. We become more present, a little more reflective, too.

We are altered. Or, our path is altered and we change or shift course. Often both. Either way, we resolve to do better or live more fully. Make a difference in some way.

Through all the 'noise', these are life's crossroads.

They're life's critical junctures - and your leadership opportunity. Some are very sharp turns. Others are slight bends or twists. Whichever direction we choose, it's a new or altered path.

Sometimes, we only recognize these moments in hindsight. Other times, we are fully aware and 'choosing' what comes next.

Forever altered.

However it occurs, you can no longer 'unthink' the new thought. You cannot 'unexperience' the experience.

It's "in." You can ignore it, forget about it, or curse it.

You can also welcome, embrace and be enriched by it.

Either way, once "in", it's a part of you. Part of how you live. How you lead. How you move forward. Tweet: There are moments in our lives that cause us to be 'forever altered'. They're life's critical junctures - and your #leadership opportunity. Make the most of them. Make the most of YOU! @JaniceKobelsky #LifeCoachingclick to tweet

It becomes part of your legacy - your impact, ripple effect forward, and also what you leave behind.

A query. Your choice.

So, here's a query... 

What has changed, or is changing, YOU?

How is it shaping who you choose to become? Your actions? Impact?

What is your next boldest vision of the truest and best version you wish to create of - and for - YOU?

A next best version of you...

  • with others?
  • in your life and work?
  • for the world?

How can you fully integrate this newest life juncture, to make your life better? Add meaning or richness, for yourself and for all those impacted and influenced by you?

What about your team? Whether it's your family, or circle of friends. Your work team, department, or company. What's going on for them? Ask yourself: what are the challenges and aspirations of those closest to you? Do you know?

Like... really... know?

It's a powerful and empowering conversation, if we care enough to have it.

If you choose to engage in such a reflection, here's a perspective to keep in mind. It's rather blunt, so we can get clear and pure on our intention, whatever we choose that to be.

Putting in or getting out?

"Most people enter into relationships with an eye toward what they can get out of them, rather than what they can put into them." Neale Donald Walsch 

It's a simple thought but one that can actually instigate a "critical juncture moment" when applied. Tweet: click to tweet

It reminds us to get real and check in on our 'agenda', whatever it may be. To shift our focus, as needed.

Doing so allows you to contribute more deeply, with greater freedom. To learn and grow, and stretch. Use your experiences to become wiser. To reach deeper into 'life' and become a person of even greater value with and for others.

Leadership Opportunity

Want engagement? Real bench-strength? Commitment? 'Inspired accountability'?

Put something 'more' into people. Ask them what matters, to themAs leaders, help them reach for it. Support and contribute actively to their journey. Do the same for you. Be deliberate. Live and lead 'on purpose.'

Why? Because you can. It's a chance to make the most of life's critical junctures - and your leadership opportunity.

Click to  Tweet: It's not always 'fair' but we ARE judged by our actions. And, we do the same to others. But the backstory isn't always known. Let's remember that -- both for ourselves and with others. It's good #leadership. @JaniceKobelsky this image.


Your actions matter. And... they speak volumes about you. Show up in a way that makes the kind of difference in your own life, and in the lives of others, that you want to make.

No matter what life hands you... you get to choose.

Choose well.


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A version of this article was published by Janice Kobelsky in LinkedIn Pulse, 2016

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