Want great leadership? 1 beastly perspective that rules.


I've been thinking lately about what it takes to really show up with others. To demonstrate great leadership. Not waiting for a position, although you may have one. Not waiting for anything. Being a great leader, right now, where you are. Day in and day out.

A Beastly Perspective

I then came across the perfect perspective. So badass it's cool. Beastly, even. Not in a negative sense. Rather, it's a boldness that comes from certainty. A kind of "hear me roar" swagger and style born of passion and an immense desire to serve and contribute. Audaciousness that seizes possibilities and forges ahead in spite of obstacles.

Yeh... it's a 'beastly' perspective alright. 

And, it's got nothing to do with you. In other words, you don't need to change a thing about who you are.

Instead, it's got everything to do with how you see and treat others. That means you only need to choose. Then do it. 

But, it's not for the indifferent, the uncaring, the callous or unconcerned.

It's beastly.

Because it takes greatness. And, it builds greatness, too.

Here it is. Want great leadership? 1 beastly perspective that rules.


In the context of leadership, lionize means choosing to see and to cultivate the greatness in others.Tweet: “See and cultivate the #greatness in others. It's what strong leaders do.” ~@JaniceKobelsky https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/want-great-leadership-1-beastly-perspective-that-rules #Leadership[click to tweet] It's a deliberate focus on respect and positive regard. It's both appreciative and generative. In other words, it's a perspective that celebrates what is and cultivates what can be.

Click to Tweet: The function of #leadership is to produce more #leaders. https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/want-great-leadership-1-beastly-perspective-that-rules by @JaniceKobelsky Build greatness pic.twitter.com/6OfC2Akoj8 this image.


Lionize. Great Leaders Cultivate Greatness in Others.

Are you willing -- and ready -- to see and to cultivate the greatness in others? And, to do so in a way that truly is practical, meaningful and edifying?

If so... Just how do you do it? Lionize, that is.

It's simple. Not necessarily easy -- which is why it's beastly. Bold. Action-oriented. Demanding.

Want great leadership? 1 beastly perspective that rules? Yes, it's 1 perspective: lionize. One beastly perspective with 10 ways to make it happen.

It's cultivating the ability to see the lion in each person you encounter. You're not looking for followers. Do not see sheep. You're looking to create more leaders. See the lion within. 

See them for who they really are. Hear them. Let them know that they matter.Tweet: [click to tweet]

Seek out, hear, connect with, and nurture their...

1) Heart.

Start with heart. Connect. Look into their heart. You cannot lead if you don't know where they want to go. What's in their heart? Find out what matters to them -- because they matter to you.

2) Roar.

Did you know that lions roar to let others know where they are? Similarly, we each seek to be heard. Your job, as a great leader, is to help others find their voice. Start by giving them 'a good listening to'. When is the last time you really, truly listened -- and heard? Help them roar.

3) Courage.

The lion is symbolic of courage. One of the greatest responsibilities of leadership is encouragement.Tweet: [click to tweet] Meant literally, it's 'to give courage to.' Challenge them. Believe in their ability. See their potential. Tap into their courage. Give them the chance and encourage them to learn, stretch, and grow.

4) Strength.

The lion's exceptional courage comes with extraordinary fortitude. Like encouragement, your role is to empower. Build others' strengths.Tweet: “Build others' strengths. It's what great leaders do.[click to tweet] Help them tap in to what makes them strong and gives them energy. Fuel their passion. Gain their commitment. Focus their energy on vision and purpose.

5) Vision.

Lions have acute vision, especially at night. When you lionize, you trust in others' ability to navigate in the dark and their vision to find their way. You don't need to have all the answers. Ask good questions. Find out what matters to them. What's their vision for success? What solutions do they have to the issues and challenges you face together? You may be surprised. 

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 6) Pride.

We're not talking pride as in proud. We're talking about the lion's pride. The close-knit groups that lions belong to, work in, and to which they are fiercely loyal.

Lions have the intelligence to work as a group. They know that together they are able to catch prey that are faster, stronger, and larger than they are. Prey they would not be able to overcome on their own. The members of the pride need each other.

We humans do too. We have an innate yearning to belong.

When you see the lion in others, you acknowledge their need to be part of something that is greater than they are. You cultivate their desire to contribute.

You recognize that no matter how strong they are individually, no one deserves to be left behind or to go it alone. You create a culture that works and thrives, together. Be sure they feel part of it.

7) Rest.

This one may surprise you. Lions spend between 16 and 20 hours each day resting and sleeping.

The implication for leadership is that when you see the lion in another, you honour their need to refuel. You treat others as human "be-ings", not human "do-ings".Tweet: “Treat others as human beings, not human 'do-ings'. It's good #leadership.[click to tweet] Give them time and encouragement to think. To reflect. To rest.

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It's a form of mindfulness, really.

It means creating cultures where thinking, resting and refueling are as important as doing.Tweet: Great #leaders value #mindfulness - creating cultures where thinking is as important as doing. ~@JaniceKobelsky https://janicekobelsky.mykajabi.com/blog/want-great-leadership-1-beastly-perspective-that-rules[click to tweet] It acknowledges that our minds and bodies need space. 

8) Speed/Agility.

The lion is swift. It's able to run for short distances at as much as 50 mph. It can leap as far as 36 feet. When it's time to move, it moves! 

When you see the lion in another, you don't let them get or stay stuck. You know what they are capable of. You expect action. Demand it. Energize their potential.

9) Communication.

Lions have one of the richest array of vocalisations. They purr, miaul, and hiss. They snarl, growl, and roar. They also have a range of pitch and intensity. And, they don't just 'talk'; they also 'show'. They have a highly expressive repertoire of movements. They rub and/or butt heads. They nuzzle, swat, wrestle, and more.

In short, they communicate.

We must, too.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. You cannot work together in silos.

10) Healthy Mane.

The primary purpose of the lion's mane is to protect it during fights. 

What are you doing to protect your team; make them recession-proof? Are you giving them the training and development to bring out their best? Are you enabling them to 'fight the good fight'? Are you cultivating their talent?

It's a key part of your role, and essential when you see the lion in others, to create and nurture a learning culture. Make learning and growth a distinctive and distinguishing characteristic.

Groom them. Add value by equipping them with what they need to be and to remain value-added, now and in future.


So... do you want to be the type of leader who adds value and makes a difference? Want great leadership? 1 beastly perspective that rules. Start here. Lionize others. It will stretch you, too. You'll learn to listen better. Connect more deeply. Value. Coach. Empower and encourage. It's what great leaders do! Tweet: [click to tweet]

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Celebrate. Feast on victories. Value the pursuit.

Great leadership doesn't just happen. It's a commitment to excellence that is renewed and rekindled day by day, moment to moment. My work is for next generation leaders. People who care about their impact, contribution and value. Leaders who strive to develop talent and potential in others, too.

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You have needed talents to develop. Now is the time to develop them.

You have important gifts to offer to the world. Now is the time to offer them.

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