Do you have time? 3 beautiful questions to ensure you do.


Some years ago.

The words were coming at me as if from the far end of a long, distorted echo chamber...

It was my sister's voice alright. But, her words seemed surreal. I could not grasp them. "He's gone..." she repeated.

"Wha-a-a-t?!" my mind howled, shuddering in disbelief. How could he be 'gone'?

My sister continued, breaking the news of the sudden death of our younger brother. He was on vacation with his wife. They'd just had a light breakfast in a little Montreal café. Now, heading back to the hotel, he was a half step behind her. She heard a 'thud' on the pavement, and turned. He lay dead on the sidewalk.

Gone. Completely non-responsive. Our sweet, intelligent, kind, funny and oh-so-loving and beloved Daniel. He had suffered a massive and completely unexpected fatal heart attack.

There was 'no time' for a final "I love you" between them. No "good bye" for any of us. No "thank you." It violently taught me the value of even a few seconds. That every moment matters.Tweet: click to tweet

"You don't give people time, you share life." ~ Laura Irwin

"When you ask for someone's time, you are asking for far more than you imagine." ~ Mike Johnson

True, isn't it?

For me it comes down to respect. Not the entitlement kind of 'respect' -- that if someone doesn't do 'this' or 'that' when we want them to, well...!! Not that.

Instead, it's about mindfulness. Choice. Presence. Being intentional. Intentional attention. Intentional joy. Intentional listening and caring. Realizing that we're in this together and we need to make it count.Tweet: click to tweet  

Living 'alive'

My brother's passing was sudden and gut-wrenching. 15 years have gone by since then. It's felt like the blink of an eye. His life was cut short, but his time was impactful. He didn't just live; he was alive. Can I -- can you -- say the same?

So... be gentle. We never know what is happening in the life and the time of another. Their life and their time are a gift -- however much or little they can or do give -- or not. Accept graciously. Be judicious. Don't waste or squander it.

Use our own time wisely, too.Tweet: click to tweet Make each moment and every interaction matter. Now's the only 'time' we have. 

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.  

3 questions

What do your days look like? Are you creating value; for yourself and others? Do you have time? 3 beautiful questions to ensure you do.

Whatever your next moment looks like and however it shows up, consider:

1. Is this 'you'? You're investing a moment of life -- trading it away, actually. Are you making the most and/or the best of it? If not, take a breath. Slow... so you can be fully here. Now, choose. Be intentional. Make it count.

2. Are you 'on purpose'? Are your actions creating the kind of legacy you wish to leave behind and ripple effect you want to pay forward? Are you in sync with what matters to you? If not, think about what does. Matter, that is. Do that.

3. If not you, 'who'? Tweet: click to tweet Are you waiting for a better time? Someone else? If so, maybe you're giving into fear. Pressure. 'Shoulds'. What if it's too late? What if this is it? Step up.  

Worth it

Time will pass, regardless of what you do with it. So the real question is: is yours worth what you're doing with it? Are your work and your life, life-affirming? Do your actions and productivity mean something? Use the 3 questions to 'stay awake.' Make a positive impact on others and, together, on our world.

Whatever your 'leadership role'... parent, friend, boss, team member, colleague, student, employee, volunteer -- make it matter. A good day. A great life. A grand journey.

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Do you have time?

3 beautiful questions to ensure you do. 

Make the most of your time, and you. At the risk of being a bit 'lovey', this song and lyrics from the movie "Rent" carry a powerful message for us all. Enjoy! 525,600 minutes in a year... 


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It's so easy to 'lose' time -- and not always in a good way. We need clear vision and a strong sense of purpose to pull us through -- and forward. It's true for us as individuals. It's essential for high-performing teams and organizations. We become steadier. More unstoppable. Resilient, too. Learn more: EMPOWER SUCCESS and LIVE & LEAD 'ON PURPOSE'. Two short journeys. Game-changing impact. 

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